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Electronic Cig the Future of Cigarette Smokers

Electronic Cig

Did you see the commercials to get us to quit smoking. When you watch the smoke enter the lungs and the old guy on oxygen. This stuff really makes you think. I you are a smoker and really like it. This tactic does make you think as no one has done this much thinking on the subject. I just don’t think about it. I did find another solution to our problem. Did you ever have your friends or family tell you smell like smoke really bad? I have. Maybe the answer is an Electronic Cig.

Did you every get ready to smoke and didn’t have a light? How about a place to smoke or an ash tray. I have used soda bottles and cans. I then have to guard them so no one will drink out of it. Did you have to walk the dog a lot? I guess you found out the same thing as I did. The non smokers can spot you a mile a way, you’re not fooling anyone they know you just had a cigarette. 

I think I have found the answer. Electronic cigs don’t make you smell bad. You won’t need a lighter or an ash try. They feel just like a real cigarette. When you take a puff it’s just like the real thing, but better for you. I did a little research on them and the seem to be better for you and a lot cheaper. That is after you buy the starter kit. It’s about $60-70. Then less then half the price of real cigarettes. I have my starter kit and they are great. No fire, no lighter, no ashes. Take a good look before you buy as there ar many different kinds. Some include more accessories and more cartridges than others. I ordered from two different manufactures. I have the first brand and like it as it is just like a real cigarette. I purchased the Micro as they require less prep to get going. The old style has drops and the Micro Electronic cig has these cartridges you just pop in. Take a good look and see what kit is right for you. I think they my help me quit or at the very least be better for me. Keep looking for a better way to smoke or better yet maybe quit all together.

See what Electronic Cig is good for you!

Buy Electric Cigarettes – Not sure you want to quit smoking yet.


Buy Electric Cigarettes – Not sure you want to quit smoking yet.

Best Electronic CigaretteLook at Electric Cigarettes. They feel like a real cigarette as you inhale. The end lights up just like the real thing. The best part is that they put no combustible material in your body every time you light up. You will be able to smoke these everywhere,  they are only vapor with no odor. In NY the tax is killing us and Cigarettes are fast approaching $10.00 a pack. Don’t support the government at the tune of over $300.00 a month. Check out your option of Electric Cigarettes. Reduce smoking cost by 75%!


It’s Time for Electric Cigarettes .

For smokers, it couldn’t have been a moment sooner. You now have an option that feels, tastes, and satisfies just like your favorite cigarette, only this new option is about a million light years ahead of what you are smoking now.

  • There’s No Smoke
  • Bye to Chemicals
  • No Tar
  • No Odor
  • Bye to second hand smoke
  • Pick how strong you like it

It’s Technology: Your electronic cigarette starter kit comes with a full pack of electric cigarettes that actually recharge their lithium ion batteries while in the pack. It’s plug and use at it’s best, as the pack can be plugged into any outlet or USB port, when you are ready to charge up. One electronic cigarette cartridge is the equivalent of 7 cigarettes, and your pack can carry 5 cartridges plus the batteries, which means… one electric cigarette pack is the equivalent of almost 2 packs of traditional smokes.

How Do Electric Cigarettes  Save You Money?

They are 75% Cheaper than traditional cigarettes!

The “carton” of cartridges you buy contains 25 cartridges. Each cartridge is the equivalent of 7 cigarettes. This means a carton is about 175 cigarettes and costs $25.00 total all inclusive including the shipping. *However, each cartridge gets you 100 puffs (14-15 per cigarette) where a normal cigarette may get you 10-12. So quantity is about even… say 200 cigarettes worth either way, carton to carton, because you get slightly more puffs per cigarette.

Buy electronic cigarette starter packs for all of your loved ones. You’re getting much more than just an electric cigarette. You’re getting cutting edge technology that will change your lifestyle, and quite possibly your life… you bet, and it will save you quite a bit of money as well. Do yourself a favor and buy electric cigarette kits today!

Buy Electric Cigarettes

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