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Is it illegal to buy electric cigarettes under the age of 18?

I am a smoker and want to quit so with all to respect please don’t tell me about how bad smoking is. But I don’t want to keep smoking normal cigs because I hear e cigs are better for you so please help.

Best reply by Lost Equation:

Most states have banned electronic ciggarettes for minors. You can google your state and I am sure you will find that you are unable to purchase them.

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Is it illegal to buy electric cigarettes under the age of 18?

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What are those vapor electric cigarettes called?

Hey guys, I barely found out about those electric vapor cigerattes that smell amazing when you blow the smoke out… what are they called? Some examples are like strawberry smell or mint… also theyre not the e cigerettes or “blu”

Best reply by Samuel:


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What are those vapor electric cigarettes called?

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Is Itsuwa Electric cigarettes company a reliable supplier? any information about this company?

Best reply by Parallel:

I know nothing about Itsuwa Electric cigarettes. But electric cigarettes itself are not that safe to use.

Disadvantages of eCigarettes:
1. There are some studies that have shown that the flavored vaporized smoke in electronic cigarettes may cause poisoning when inhaled too much.
2. More expensive.
3. It would take a longer period of time to smoke just one cartridge than a traditional stick of cigarette.
With all these advantages and disadvantages being said, it can be clearly seen that it is no doubt that most people love using it nowadays because it has more pros than cons.

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Is Itsuwa Electric cigarettes company a reliable supplier? any information about this company?

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Are electric cigarettes harmful?

i do not smoke anything (cigarettes, cigars, weed etc)
but i have an interest in the look of smoke & i was thinking about purchasing an electric cigarette
i would buy the kind with no nicotine, and i wouldnt make a habit of smoking it, i would barley use it
it would be for photography and just for fun tricks etc

because i do not smoke and i have no interest of poisoning myself i was wondering if they are harmful
can they lead to lung problems?
can they effect your health?
what are the side effects of using them?
are they addictive?

Best reply by Emma:

Only the ones with nicotine are addictive. I have heard things about them being harmful, but I don’t quite believe them. Plus if you are hardly ever using it, then it really wouldn’t do any harm.

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Are electric cigarettes harmful?

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Electric cigarette????

How does it compare to cigarettes?

Best reply by Branden W:

Not even the same thing. An electronic cigarette shoots water vapor and nicotine into your mouth, and you exhale the water. A cigarette burns the tobacco and you inhale the smoke, etc.

E-cigs are NOT bad for you because they remove the harmful part of smoking: the physical act of inhaling a burned substance.

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Electric cigarette????

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How to get best electric cigarette?

I’ve been smoking many years.I want quit.Tried a some idea but very little of them really help.Please give a recommendation how to get best electric cigarette for quit smoking.Thank you.

Best reply by Candice:

You go buy one at the store, and use it. What’s so hard about that? Do research on the different brands by google-ing…

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How to get best electric cigarette?

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EverSmoke Brand New Electronic Cigarette Review

Many folks come to EverSmoke after having attempted all the other preferred brands, and they usually have low expectancies after having been disappointed continuously. EverSmoke has repeatedly blown their clientele? Minds with the excellence, quality, and performance of their e-cigarettes. Their batteries are among the top performing on the market. They’re comprised of lithium ion, and they come in 3 sizes, with two different sorts of switches.

The distinguished feature of EverSmokes line is the accessories. They offer a reasonable range of products, and fit into any lifestyle. Much more vapour than any other e-cig, these electronic cigarettes are highly favored because the amount of vapour can directly impact the taste, the results of the nicotine, and the way that it feels upon inhalation. Everything about the taste is glorious. The tastes they offer are delightful and not overpowering, yet they actually do pack a strong punch. There's no bad aftertaste, and no chemical flavor to them in any fashion. The nicotine strength is totally correct to form, and exactly as stated on their web site. Heavy smokers who are used to ? full strength? Will certainly require the potency of 18mg cartridges. ?Lites? Smokers will do well with the 12mg strength, while those preferring ? ultra-lites? Will actually need the mild 6mg cartridges. 0mg is available for folks who just enjoy the feeling of having a cig in hand.

It is almost impossible to detect the difference between the E Cigarette and the tobacco Cig. The E Cig has the Cartridge, Atomizer, Battery and LED. Switch, to E Cigarettes and save your health and everybody else.

The absolute best part about using EverSmoke electronic cigarettes must be their stunningly convenient home delivery program. After you complete your acquisition you’ll get asked if you’d like to join the home delivery program. If you enroll in this service, your refill cartridges get sent to you very quickly, and at scheduled intervals monthly, with the incredible savings of 20% off! The other great benefit is if you decide to join, you’ll also receive 20% of your full order.

EverSmoke electronic cigarettes were introduced to the market after many well-known names were forcibly established, and they have taken e-smokers by force with their smashing design and handling. Everything about their line of products is fantastic, and consumers everywhere will agree they’re the best e-cigs out there. Definitely a luxurious brand of e-cigs, they are superb for noobs or pros who want to use the best e-cigarettes available.

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Select EverSmoke A Greener Lifestyle with Smokeless Cigarettes

Research has proven that smoke from cigarettes contains more than 4,000 chemicals and tons of those are damaging to the body. The chemicals carbon monoxide, nitrosamine and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon in the smoke are the most unsafe.

The latest smoking device for smokers is the smoke free cigarette. Smokers choose a greener lifestyle with smokeless cigarettes because of the lack of the harmful substances found in standard smoking. A smoke free cig allows a smoker to respire again. They do not contain harmful chemicals; they're free of flame, tar, ash, carbon monoxide and carcinogens. There is very little in this type of fag that may clog or darken the lungs.

The key ingredients of a smoke-free cigarette are water, nicotine and propylene. These are essentially the perfect product for smokers who choose a greener approach to life with smoke-free cigarettes in that it releases nicotine without injuring the heart or lungs.

Smokers choose a greener life-style with smokeless cigarettes because the advantages of them not only extend to the smoker, but to everybody and everything around. The great news is that they are 100% eco friendly. If smokers choose a greener life-style with smokeless cigarettes there is not any smoke that will harm the environment or second hand smoke that will hurt others. There are 4 trillion ciggie butts that are thrown out annually and nearly 30% of them never make it to a trash can. If smokers choose a greener approach to life with smokeless cigarettes there aren't any more cigarette butts that can be left on the ground with the smokeless cigarettes. This creates less litter for the environment. The smokeless cigarettes let off a harmless vapor; there is no need for an ashtray because no ashes are made.

While why smokers choose a greener approach to life with smoke free cigarette and the health benefits of a smokeless ciggie that are still being discussed by some people, the one main benefit remains true and clear: they are better for our surroundings. Today, smokers choose a greener life-style with smokeless cigarettes not only for convenience but because they're a healthier alternative option to the conventional gasper, they're being praised for being so eco-friendly. The ?green? Movement today is going powerful and more folk are attempting to live a greener way of life. With the new smoke free ciggie so many folk who smoke select a greener way of living with smokeless cigarettes and see the satisfaction of using a product that is better for the environment.

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EverSmoke e cigs Alternative Smoking Measures

There are a couple of things that you can do if you want to quit smoking. All that you need is to understand what to do and how to start. It?s not as hard as you may think.

What Can You Do?

There are a few things that you can do to stop smoking or to make it better for you. The first thing you can do is to stop completely but for most individuals this isn't possible. It can be just too hard to stop cold turkey.

Another choice is to look into electronic cigarettes. These are great for helping you to give up the practice of smoking in your own time. They also can help you to not give off second hand smoke to other people in the area. This not only makes it better for you, but other people that are around you.

How Electronic Cigarettes Work

Some of the people may be wondering how electronic cigarettes work. They give you the nicotine that you need without making smoke in the area you're in. You can smoke in public without the angst of being banned in most places. If you are undecided about the place you are in, you can ask them about the option of electronic cigarettes. This will also give you an opportunity to educate the owner on the benefits of them.

Who Should Be Using Electronic Cigarettes?

Anybody that wants to learn not to smoke or to not endanger those around them should try electric cigarettes. This way they won't be injuring those around them and they might be able to smoke where they'd like to.

Electronic cigarettes are revolutionizing the way that folk smoke, by making it simple for the overall public to accept them. They can also make it simple for everybody to be cheerful without causing any person to become ill. You might like to take a look at the e-cigarettes that you can get and what ones will work best for you and your lifestyle.

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