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Moving Blanket Benefits

When you start packing your things to move it is important to know how to best protect your possessions. Larger furniture and items should be secured with moving blankets. You can use either quilted or non-quilted moving blankets, but the quilted blankets definitely provide the most protection.

The outside material used to make moving blankets is usually a polyester or felt: either is fine. However, you want to check to make sure the inside, made of recycled cotton, has enough filler. You want to use quilted blankets, but the filler determines the amount of protection from there.

Wrapping items in moving blankets properly can prevent damage and scratches from bumps and shifts during the move. However, if you plan to move furniture into storage you may want the added protection from the blankets there as well.

One of the great things about moving blankets is the versatility they can offer. After your move these blankets make excellent bedding for pets, work as cushions in your child’s playroom, or can be used to sound proof rooms.

Consumers have the option of renting or purchasing moving blankets. Blankets can easily be rented or purchased from any of your local moving companies. It is just up to you to decide if you need one for an extended period of time or if it’s just for one particular move.

Sometimes what it cost to rent a blanket customers are better off purchasing it and getting greater use out it in the future. Consumers can pay as little as $15 to as much as $100 for the blankets that supply greater protection.

Many people might think why would I waste money on moving blankets when I have so many blanket around the house that I can use. Most of the blankets in your home were not made specifically to protect items during a move like these blankets. They were made to supply warmth and beauty to your home.

You may have spent several hundred of dollars on your blankets and using them for one move can cause them to be ruined forever. So you would not only potentially leave the door open for your items to get damaged you could also waste a lot of money because the ruined blanket would eventually need to be replaced. Making smart decisions saves you time and money in the long run.

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Boxes? Check. Packing Tape? Check. Moving Blankets? Check.

Imagine this: you have just bought a new home. You carefully pack all your precious belongings into a moving truck and drive it to the new place. When you get there, you open the back of the truck to find total destruction.

Picture frames shattered, tables dented, and grandma’s antique dresser drawers are splintered. Proper packing of personal possessions is impossible without moving blankets, and any home owner’s furniture and picture frames deserve to be treated gently during a move.

Next time, use moving blankets when you pack to ensure your belongings are treated gently, no matter how rough the move.

You have to plan how to effectively pack a moving truck to ensure everything gets in tightly and safely. Picture frames, posters and framed art should be leaned against a side wall, with moving blankets between each piece to avoid broken glass.

There are different types of moving blankets. Some are thinner and made of cotton or felt; these blankets are helpful when you are packing or storing items in a tight space and can’t spare extra room for more padding. The thicker padded or quilted variety provides more protection for breakable items, or items you’re worried about breaking.

When researching moving blankets, it’s also beneficial to remember that there are quilted furniture covers that can be used for specific sizes of furniture. Because these covers can fit snugly over a piece of furniture, there’s less risk of the blanket shifting or falling off the piece of furniture during the move.

You also have the option to either buy or rent your moving blankets. They’re handy after the moving is done; the blankets can be used for soundproofing a room or to cover items in storage.

But if you think you’ll only need the blankets once, renting is a good option. Most moving companies offer rentals on moving blankets as part of their services.

When you’re getting ready to move, remember that a moving company doesn’t always held liable if some of your belongings get damaged in the move. Using moving blankets can help you rest easy, knowing your possessions are less likely to be damaged in the process.

Why risk the loss of your belongings when you can protect them with moving blankets? Buy them or rent them, the protection is priceless.

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Moving Blankets Make Moving Less Stressful

Moving can be as hard on your furniture as it is on you. Rough truck beds, sharp corners and jostling in moving vans can damage your furniture and other possessions, and the damage is not always easy to repair. Fortunately, using moving blankets to protect your things during the moving process can reduce the risk of damage.

Moving blankets come in large and small sizes to protect all of your different belongings; they fit around furniture and other items snugly and protect from damage as well as dirt, dust and water.

These moving blankets have straps to allow you to wrap them securely around the objects they’re protecting. Once you’re done moving, you can use them to shelter anything you have in storage, such as cars or boats or that furniture that doesn’t quite fit in the new place.

There are different types of moving blankets that you can buy depending on what you will be protecting. You can choose from different sizes, lightweight materials, and heavier materials. The most common size that you will find is 72 x 80. You can choose from different materials such as woven, non-woven, and burlap.

The usual color is blue or multi-colored and the lightweight moving blankets come in a light blue. You can normally buy them as singles or in dozen packs. The price range of these moving blankets ranges from $6.99 for the lightweight blankets to $15.99 for the heavier furniture pads.

The furniture pads can be spread across the floor of a moving truck or van to keep the floor from scratching wood furniture or other belongings. Once you arrive, you can pull furniture by the moving pad to avoid harming it during moving.

If you’re moving your furniture in the back of a truck, use the moving blankets to cover the load and protect your possessions from sun, wind, water and dust.

These moving blankets are designed to protect your belongings during an already stressful time. They will last for years; you can use them to protect your possessions while moving, cover your vehicle to keep the elements off or to protect your items in storage.

They are even tough enough to be used in a warehouse setting to protect machinery when not in use. Keep your belongings in top shape by simple covering them with these specially made blankets. They are a cheap solution to keeping your items safe and undamaged.

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