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V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Break Free From The Pack! Electronic Cigarettes Are The Greener Option

Mention cigarettes and people immediately complain how cigarettes pollute the air. People complain how cigarettes pollute the environment as the cigarette butts are tossed on the ground when smokers finish their cigarettes. People complain about cigarettes affecting the health of the smoker and how smoking must stop. Electronic cigarettes are the greener option to people and their concerns about smoking. The concern about traditional smoke polluting the environment is a valid concern. Traditional smoking emits to the air more than two hundred various chemicals. Estimates as high as four thousand toxic chemicals are found in second-hand smoke, with some are poisonous and others to be carcinogenic. Billowing clouds of second-hand smoke may contain harmful chemicals such as hydrogen cyanide and arsenic. Now imagine 30% of people of North America smoke. These smokers create a huge amount of pollution not only stressing their bodies, but also the air quality. Why not use a non-pollution alternative to traditional cigarettes, the electronic cigarette. The vapor mist of an electronic cigarette does not pollute the environment and allows everyone to breath cleaner air. Are people aware that about four trillion cigarette butts are tossed each year? Smokers create four trillion opportunities to pollute the environment with the waste and the chemicals remaining in the cigarette butts. How often have people looked in lake or creek water and seen cigarette butts lying under the water? How often have people walked a beach and seen it littered with cigarette butts? Cigarette butts are everywhere, streets, roads, rivers, lakes, sidewalks, backyards and stables. Cigarette butts are at the top of the list of garbage affecting the environment. Four billion is an incredible number and not a green option. Now imagine, each of these cigarette butts takes twelve years to decompose, twelve years of affecting the environment with their toxins and other polluting elements. Four billion is for one year and in twelve years that is forty-eight billion chances to pollute the environment. The environmental effect of cigarette butts is astonishing. Imagine, one electronic cigarette tosses nothing to the ground and the environment is not affected by the trash. Electronic cigarettes will not be stepped on, tossed away nor pollute the environment. Electronic cigarettes have no waste nor litter people can complain, pollute the environment. If you are a smoker and want the green option, choose the electronic cigarette and support the environment.
V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Don't Quit, Switch - See why millions have switched to V2!

Go Green and try the Electronic Cigarette

With the cost of traditional cigarettes increasing every day, over a billion smokers around the world are choosing to go green and try electronic cigarettes. So many people are now aware of the health issues caused from cigarette smoking. Many people are also more aware now than ever of the importance to do everything to be more green. Not only does it affect the one smoking, but also affects those surrounding people with second hand smoke. Once a nicotine addiction is developed, it is very hard to get away from it, but the electronic cigarette can help break that habit.

Even though we know how harmful it is to our heath, it’s still very difficult to quit. The electronic, or e-cigarette is a better, safer and healthier way to overcome the cravings of cigarettes. This new green cigarette provides the body with a dose of nicotine but does not contain the 4000 toxic elements of the traditional cigarette. Each electronic cigarette cartridge can be compared to 20 traditional cigarettes, which calculate to 19 less cigarettes per pack.

Smokers who go green and try electronic cigarettes are inhaling the nicotine through vapor that is let off from the atomization chamber. This can still be harmful to the body, but is a healthy alternative to the traditional cigarette. The hundreds of chemicals from a traditional cigarette are released into the body or the environment increasing pollution.

Every 200 cigarette butts that are discarded from smoking contain 50 to 60 milligrams of nicotine and other harmful chemicals; enough actually to kill an adult. When it rains, these poisons are absorbed into the earth and wind up in our fresh water supplies, rivers, streams and lakes. This is not only harmful to humans but also to the earth’s aquatic life. This is almost inevitable when it comes down to people smoking, but for those who go green and try electronic cigarettes is stopping this waste. With the electronic cigarette being reusable and rechargeable, it cuts down on a smokers waste.

The electronic cigarette has been a great product to hit the market this past year. it is important for smokers to go greeen and try electronic cigarettes. It helps smokers quit smoking while offering the same nicotine buzz as the traditional cigarette. It is much healthier not only for the smoker and the people in the surrounding area, but also for the environment.

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V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Don't Quit, Switch - See why millions have switched to V2!